Responsible Gambling

Gambling should only be considered a form of entertainment, you should never rely on winning from any form of gambling, and never bet with money you cannot afford to lose. If you would like to find out more about Responsible Gambling, we would recommend the following organizations:

Gamble Aware


Slot machines and fruit machines can be addictive, so there is no shame in seeking help if you think you might have a problem. Both Gamble Aware and Gamcare offer discreet, confidential advice aimed to help people who might have a problem. Their expert advisers understand how addictive gambling can be and the challenges that are associated with addiction.

Remember that almost all online casinos know allow you to set your limits with how much you want to gamble in a given time period. This can help control your gambling and prevent things from spiralling out of control. We suggest that you take advantage of deposit limits, which means setting a specific maximum you wish to limit yourself to in a given time period. The casino will then prevent you from depositing more once you have reached this threshold.

There are also options available at most online casinos to set a ‘cooling off’ period after a session. If things haven’t gone your way you can use this option to prevent chasing losses or gambling further whilst not in the right frame of mind. These cooling off periods can be selected to cover time periods from 24 hours to six months.

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