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As the name suggest this online fruit machine is based around gold chain and Burberry wearing troublemakers that hang out in any town centre causing a nuisance. As a result Britain’s obsession with the “Chav” culture has given birth to this brilliant Microgaming slot, boasting all of the best features from this superior developer. Hosting a respectable top prize of 250x your stake size, Chavin it Large has a host of bonus rounds, mystery rounds and top cash prizes. The reels on the 3 reel single win line slot are aptly labelled with trainers, baseball caps and trainers to make this one of the most entertaining and hilarious pub fruit machines around. Microgaming has gone to great lengths to ensure the slot is 100% Chavtastic, even down to the tongue in cheek sound effects. The UK styling runs right throughout this game, utiltising a single pay-line game and a really neat feature board – this is where is the big money is won!

Chavin it Large Fruit Machine Information

As you’d expect from a fruit machine of this calibre there are a series of gameplay enhancers, including nudges and holds. For seasoned big slot players who aren’t used to this don’t worry, here you can bring the next symbol down on the reel to reveal a winning line. Holding the current symbol is also possible here and allows players to freeze the entire reel and spin the remaining for an extra chance at a winning line! The feature bonus round is triggered by spinning three white trainer symbols on the win line. Alongside this players can also rack up smaller wins with a series of matching symbols, just to keep the bankroll ticking over until they reach this real money spinner of a round. “Chavistocracy” is the name, and is an extremely rare, yet lucrative and powerful feature, especially as it can multiply wins by up to 250. A flashing display will let you skill select a bonus which can then be repeated with a little luck. The UK style feature is just as good what you would expect from a big Vegas style game, offering players spin after spin of cash prizes. The bonus feature involves randomly stopping a win multiplier on the bonus trial, which gives players the opportunity to win up to 250x their stake.

The biggest win apart from what you can steal from the bonus round is 100x your stake, and with stakes ranging from 10p to £10 it makes the maximum pay out on Chavin’ it Large a cool £1000!

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