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It isn’t every day that a slot is released that was originally a real life product, but JPM has accomplished this with their hugely popular Full House Slot. This slot was once the foundation for all other club style games to be based upon, and was most probably the most popular slot when it was released in the 1990’s. When a real life slot machine is brought to the big screen, it usually lacks a certain excitement compared to many of the more recently released games. Although it must be noted that this is the way the slot was meant to be played, without the crazy animations in the background and crammed full of hidden features. Even though, it doesn’t harbour any of the previously mentioned, the slot retains its character and is still exciting to play, especially when the feature is activated.

JPM Full House Slot Information

The slot brings together two of the UK’s favourite pass times, Bingo and Slots. Presented in a single payline format, the game has a name-fill entry feature that is hit using the array of holds the slot decides to offer. The jackpot is won through this feature so it can pay so be patient and climb the 10-lettered trail. As previously mentioned, holds are triggered randomly and can be used to climb the trail as numbers will be repeated when the spin is completed. All wins from the reels (symbols) and from the feature can be gambled from 1.5x to 3x and carry on until the player decides to “bank” or the heart breaking “lose” is hit. There are a number of other JPM fruit machines that you might also be interested in, including 5 -Liner and Big Dipper.

JPM Full House Bonus Feature

Once the “F-U-L-L-H-O-U-S-E” is completed the Bingo styled feature round is triggered. Players are faced with 4 x 4 grid of bingo ball numbers, in which they have the choice to either step the reels up or down. As the reels simultaneously step up/down the bingo number that is hit on the payline fills the relevant number in the bingo card. The number of times the reels move is totally random so a prolonged session could result in the bingo card being filled and the Jackpot hit as a result! The slot also offers an identical type of game involving four sets of 2×2 cards in which the Red, Yellow, Blue or Green must be filled to trigger a win. This is the sort of bonus feature that made games such as Reel King so popular

This is an all-time classic and still harbours the exact style and gameplay it did in the real life version. JPM’s Full House slot is currently exclusive to Bet 365 Games, a section on the Bet 365 site with hundreds of slots and fruit machines. Visit Bet 365.

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