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Retro pub fruit machines are becoming ever more popular, even with the vast advancements in online gaming within the past decade. There is also the growing trend of taking real life pub slots and bringing them to the casino world, in a neatly packaged game. JPM have been at the top of the pecking order for pub and club slots for as long as people have played them and it is no surprise to see Turbo Gold rejuvenated to near perfect quality. Play the Grape Escape at Bet 365 Games

Turbo Gold’s simplicity is what makes it such an endearing game: 3 reels and 5 pay lines; it’s a simple as that. Apart from the typically plain JPM styling used throughout, the slot does boast some great features that complement the original in many ways. A great design aspect that is easily noticed was the 3-D buttons placed as they would if the machine were real. This gives a much more personal feel to a very virtual slot, which can make a lot of difference to those old school players. The original sound effects have been rejuvenated also, giving the impression of a quality game that is sure to become vastly popular. As a result, this gives a real authentic feel to this modernised slot. It is such an easy slot to play and always will be no matter how much the face changes over the years. If you like JPM slots, you might want to check out our section on Barcrest slots and fruit machines.

JPM Turbo Gold Fruit Machine Features

The symbols within Turbo Gold are rather standard, consisting of a whole range of fruits and a very important joker. The jokers acts as a wild symbol, substituting for any other fruit on any of the five active pay lines. In such a simple slot, it is little features like this that make the gameplay a lot more exciting as there is always the imminent potential of landing a a big pay out. A winning line isn’t the end of the excitement though as Turbo Gold offers even the smallest wins the chance to climb the money trail. A truly exciting double or nothing game is triggered once a winning line is hit, offering players the chance to mount some serious cash as they climb the trail. The turbo gamble reaches all the way up to x10 and players always have the opportunity to quit whilst they’re ahead and collect the current winnings. This turbo gamble round is very fast paced and as a result is very exciting, which is exactly what the original slot. If you like JPM Turbo Gold, it might be worth also taking a look our Rainbow Riches review and Deal or No Deal slot review.

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This JPM game is a prime example of the origin of the slot machine. The developers have gone to great lengths to ensure the original layout and sounds effects used are of the highest quality, meaning players will be able to enjoy the game at its fullest. Play JPM Turbo Gold at Bet 365 Games