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Pinball Lizard is one of the most distinctive online slots games you will find at bet365 Games or any other online casino for that matter. The game is an absolute replica of a real life pub slot, but without the odd smelling ale and dodgy nuts hanging around.  All of the thrills and spills aren’t lost however as the slot delivers a brilliant balance of exciting gameplay and flawless graphics. Based on a truly British pub slot, Pinball Lizard’s bounty is accessed through a great feature trail, offering a huge array of features and bonuses to players willing to risk their pots. Utilising a standard 3-reel setup combined with the commonly used usual hi/lo hold buttons, the slot has all the making of a true favourite. Just like the real life version, Pinball Lizard boasts a respectable jackpot of £70, but the real bounties lie within the hidden bonuses inside the feature trial. Play Pinball Lizard at Bet 365 Games

Pinball Lizard Fruit Machine Features

The game is played with each reel holding 16 different symbols and only one can been used on each spin, in conjunction with two others on opposing reels. When players hit a winning fruit combination, a great hi/lo style game is triggered, offering the chance to climb the money trial by correctly selecting the numbers successor. After just one successful selection players are offered to exchange their winnings and enter the exciting feature board. An alternative route onto the feature board is to climb the 9 strong trial via the overlaid numbers displayed on the reels. Players can trigger the slots main feature by successfully completing the trail to position 9 or hitting 3 overlaid numbers in a row on the screen.

Play Pinball Lizard Online

The aim of the game is to win the huge prize awards and also to enter into the feature to achieve the best possible winning combinations offered. When players spin the reels in the feature game they progress with the number of positions that are around the lapper. After each winning spin players have the option of choosing to collect your winnings or playing the Hi-Lo feature. The main feature of the game contains 5 knockout areas that each offers increasing prize amounts. The trail is made up of individual squares; each displaying various knockouts nudges mystery positions and “lose” positions. Players must be careful thought not to spin one to many times and lose all of their accumulated cash. The bonus feature on Pinball Lizard is similar to those you’d find on fruit machine games such as Rainbow Riches and Reel King

Pinball Lizard Online Fruit Machine

Playing Pinball Wizard is a brilliant slot to play as the excitement and fun is never far away. The well-established graphics and sounds allow players to realise the excitement of a true real life slot without the need to leave the armchair. The highs and lows of climbing the numbered trial only adds to the anticipation of triggering the all-important feature board, along with a tonne of bonus rounds and big cash prizes. Play Pinball Lizard at Bet 365 Games