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Winning Wheels is a UK Pub Slot game that offers the player a chance to challenge both luck and skill. It is provided by Microgaming and is available at 32 Red casino, along with over 25 other online fruit machines.
The game is a classic 3-Reel 1-Payline Bonus game with increased player interactivity. The game features Winning Wheels Bonus Game with the highly rewarding multiple Nudges and Hold feature.

True to the name of the game, the game has excellent sound colors and sounds added to the symbols to give that heart stopping racing theme of the real tracks. The symbols consist of Flags, Racing Drivers, Helmets and Bottle of Champagne among others.

Nudge: The nudge feature enables the player to bump the reel to display the next symbol. Upto 4 Nudges can be awarded per reel spin. This can be used to create winning combinations.

Hold: The player can hold upto 3 Reels for the next spin if they find the current position of any reel to be a winning position.

Winning Wheels Bonus Game

This game is activated when the player gets 3 Wheels in a Row in any direction on the Wheel Rack. The game offers a chance to multiply the winnings by up to 500 times the bet amount. The game is a combination of luck and skill based game.
The player is presented with a track of 24 Game Tracks. Also present are fuel meter. All the game squares are made of different elements or feature. There is a Re-Fuel option, a Pit Stop, a Fuel Leak and Engine Failure. Also a Turbo Block square is present to take the player to the next stop. The winnings are added when the player lands on any of the feature game squares.
The game starts with the player offered a chance to Spin the Wheel Reel. An appropriate number of moves are displayed to move the player along the track. Depending on where the player stops, the game progresses in the same direction. For example, if the player lands on a feature track, skills can be used to amass high winnings. However, the fuel level is decreased. The player can actually choose to collect the feature or just move on.

Various features awarded are:

  • On-the-Brakes: Guaranteeing a random win on the reels.
  • Flying Lap: Player can win upto 80 times the bet amount based on a meter with nine levels. Player needs to stop at the multiplier on the meter.
  • Hot-Rod: The player spins the wheels to display a multiplier value to be multiplied to the win amount.
  • Speed Demon: The players themselves stop the wheel at the winning position.
  • Burning Rubber: The reels flash and the player can stop them to the reveal the winning combination.
  • Super Charge: The player stops the flashing meter to display a group of three multiplier values to be multiplied to their winnings.
  • Pole Position: Collects a random win.
  • The last but not the least is the Finish Line Jackpot Feature where the player can win upto 500 times the bet amount. There is also a repeater feature with Yes or No button to repeat the Finish Line Jackpot feature. If you enjoy playing fruit machines with bonus features like this, we suggest you check out our Rainbow Riches review or Reel King review.
  • Players should be aware that this game is only in the instant play (non-download) version of the following casinos:

    Play Winning Wheels at the following Online Casinos:

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