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2 Million B.C. is a 5-reel, 30-line slot that is part of Betsoft Gaming’s 3D slots portfolio and features the same colourful graphics and animations that can be found in all of the games in this series. This time, of course, the theme is of the cave man era, with no stone left unturned in attempt to replicate the rugged scenes and life like scenarios. A neat feature that players will recognise from the off is the cool animation that is triggered when a winning line is hit, providing a comical cave man dance that is can be seen throughout other slots in the Betsoft collection. Even though there are no wild or scatter symbols available within the standard game, there are a few special features that are hidden inside the reels and are triggered in a variety of ways. Play 2 Million BC slot at Mr Green casino.

2 Million BC slot bonus features

The slot boasts three special feature rounds that can all be triggered during the standard play in 2 Million B.C. The first is a fairly standard free spins game, which is triggered by hitting three or more campfire symbols. A cool animation greets players and they can earn a variable number of free spins, and while there are no special bonuses during these free spins, it is possible to retrigger additional free spins during the bonus round.

The Second game is named the Diamond Bonus Round and is triggered when a winning combination of three or more diamonds on an active pay line are hit. In addition to winning a very lucrative prize, players also activate a bonus round in which the caveman will attempt to steal a diamond from our old foe, the saber tooth tiger. Once players have chosen the method for stealing the diamond, the caveman will carry out the plan, and earn a reward after the animated scene plays out. This bonus round is a great pick and win style game, and the 3D animations only add to the excitement of pocketing some serious winnings.

The third and final bonus round is the deadly sounding “Saber Attacks” game, in which players help the caveman fight off a vicious saber tooth tiger. In this bonus game, you’ll help the caveman aim and fire at the tiger; once he’s knocked out the animal, players receive an instant reward of bonus credits. Again, this is a very amusing yet exciting game to play and it is inevitable that players will warm to the way they can interact with it.

Play 2 Million BC slot online

2 Million BC is a slot for the type of player who enjoys great graphics, animations and sound found in 3D Betsoft slots, while still enjoying the kind of gameplay found in more traditional slots. There are aspects of the slot that will are unrivalled by other developers, making it yet another BetSoft success story. Play 2 Million BC slot at Mr Green casino.