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Casper the friendly ghost can traced back to the late 1930’s and has since come to life cartoon form and more recently this great new video slot. He doesn’t aim to be threatening or menacing as he is after all a friendly ghost, and players can join the duo as they embark on a number of fun and lucrative adventures together. As you can expect the game has stayed very true to the film in the respect that the animation of the characters is identical, proving players with entertainment from the off.

The makers of this slot, Blue Print Gaming have decided to utilise the big name and throw in a 40-payline reels layout to entice the big rollers in even more.Speaking of which, the reels are brimming with Casper related memorabilia, from his ghastly friends to an array of spooky items. Each has varying levels of payouts when three or more are hit on an active payline, with the lesser card symbols awarding mediocre amounts at best. Players who look to exclusively play slots with huge top prizes will be disappointed here as Casper Mystery Mirror only features a measly 500 coin show-piece. Fear not, there are still plenty of in game features and bonus rounds to take full advantage of, lets take a look

Casper Mystery Mirror : Bonus Rounds and Features

Lets start with the most lucrative, The Casper Free Spins Bonus Round. Spinning the Casper symbol on reels 2,3 and 4 will trigger this awesome feature, awarding players with a questionable 5 free spins. Don’t despair, the mystery mirror feature comes alive here allow players to cash in on duplicating symbols by spinning this lucrative icon. Couple this with the chance of spinning stacked wilds and Caspers Free Spins Round can quickly become a cash bonanza. Players lucky enough to re-trigger the feature can see the free spins exceed 250! any slot can throw enticing figures at players but we can confirm that it regularly top 50 free spins.

The easily recognisable Casper wild symbol will not only substitute for any other symbol but also become stacked, allowing for a host of extra winning opportunities.

Final Say

Casper Mystery Mirror delivers neatly in the sense that the name focuses entirely on a single bonus round, making it somewhat of a one hit wonder. Triggering this feature is the only way to get stuck into the serious rewards the game has to offer which may keep some players from laying their hard earned too quickly.