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It’s good but it’s not the one! The familiar theme tune and the bold, large graphics immediately draw you into this classic game. A presenter’s image, either Roy Walker or a very poor substitute for Nick Weir, makes up one of the icons and it wouldn’t be Catchphrase without Mr. Chips who appears in various forms. A hit TV show in the ‘80’s and early ‘90’s, the retro-viewers amongst us help to maintain Catchphrase’s popularity to the present day. The Catchphrase slot is exclusive to Sky Vegas,

Catchphrase slot bonus feature

Once the TV show Catchphrase contestant made it through to the Super Catchphrase, the winning contestant faced a 5×5 board of 25 squares, each marked with a letter from A to Y. The contestant chose a square and tried to quickly solve a catchphrase behind it. During the Roy Walker era, the aim was to get five squares in 60 seconds through the ‘M’ square for the star prize, usually a luxury holiday. In Catchphrase slots, the purpose is to achieve a winning combination of icons on any of the 20 lines – select the Pay table for more information about the values of various icon combinations. And just like going through the ‘M’ square on the TV show, all combinations must start on the first reel on the left but in this case the award is instant and the highest award is paid per line.

Catchphrase slot features

You can bet between £0.01 and £10.00 on each win line. During the game I played, I quickly increased my small fortune to £2080 on a lucky combination & after upping the stakes to £200. Then I manipulated the play by using the arrow keys to change the number of win lines I wanted to play. The letter icons seem to stand out as a more dominant feature and I quickly became dependent on those to form my winning combinations. A particularly useful feature occurs when any number of Wild symbols substituting in a winning combination doubles the prize. There are three great bonus features which provide exciting entertainment and rewards, especially if you are a fan of the original TV show! Find out more about similar online slots.

Catchphrase slot bonus rounds

Catchphrase Bonus
If 3 or more Catchphrase Bonus symbols appear then the Catchphrase Bonus game is automatically triggered. When playing the Catchphrase Letters game, you have to see if you can answer the catchphrases correctly before your opponent, over 5 rounds. The Catchphrase Bonus prizes are multiplied by the total triggering bet and also the free game multiplier if won during free games.


Ready Money Bonus
If 3 or more Ready Money Bonus symbols appear then this will trigger the Ready Money Bonus game. You can play the Ready Money numbers game to see how many free spins and win multipliers you have won. All of the prizes are multiplied by the free game multiplier during free games. The best part is that if a Catchphrase Bonus or Super Catchphrase Bonus is triggered during free games, it is played and the resulting award is also multiplied by the Free Game multiplier!


Super Catchphrase Bonus
Now you feel like a contestant finalist! Once 3 or more Super Catchphrase Bonus symbols have appeared, the Super Catchphrase Bonus game begins. During the Super Catchphrase game you must collect letters to make a path across the board.
The game gives you 5 chances to reveal all of the letters. Each letter revealed increases the pay award to the next level and this does make you feel like a winner!


Nothing ventured, nothing gained (try putting that catchphrase into picture form!): this 20 win line slot game is good and it might well just be the one for you! The Catchphrase slot can be enjoyed with hundreds of other online slots at Sky Vegas.