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If a player would have to pick just one slot to play based on a name and nothing else, then Mr. Cashback would definitely be up there with the best. Engineering by software giants Playtech, the slot is the latest in the current series to solely base its appearance on money, money and more money. As a result, the slot oozes quality with an array of greens and gold’s seen throughout along with bundles of cash and mounds of money. Featuring a 5-reel, 15-line payout structure, the slot has the capability to harbor the widest range of players, as the relatively small structure can be beneficial to both small and large stakes players alike. The slot has an abundance of new features, some of which have never been seen before in the slot world and even boasts a very respectable top payout of 7500x. Mr Cashback slot is exclusive to Bet 365 Games.

Mr Cashback slot machine

Mr. Cash back is a great example of how software engineers like Playtech have driven slots into the next generation by combining a comforting environment with exciting features to keep the excitement flowing. The graphics on the slot are of the highest quality and the background music shouldn’t be discredited either, providing players with an entertaining sound track that doesn’t seem to end. Neat little animations also feature when a winning line is hit, nothing too extravagant, but enough to catch the eye.

Mr Cashback slot features

The slot has a really interesting feature tucked away in the background which is always active, every spin, regardless of stake! Playtech have decided they will reward players for not winning when playing Mr. Cashback by paying out on any inactive pay-line that hasn’t been hit in 50 consecutive spins. Mr. Cashback pays out x50 on the individual line bet, meaning it is impossible not to walk away without a win! This feature plays into the hands of max line punters as they have the most chance to walk away with some serious winnings as all 15 are included in this brilliant cash back scheme. The bonus features on Mr Cashback will appeal to fans of online fruit machines.

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Alongside this brilliant incentive Mr. Cashback also offers players a stop button whilst the reels are spinning. This revolutionary feature allows the game to be sped up at any time and gives a larger amount of control. Again, this allows players on a tight schedule to have a few spins on their lunch hour or have a more laid back game, regardless of time. Excellent! Play Mr Cashback at Bet 365 Games