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When does a slot machine stop being a slot machine? When they change the reels to a Rubik’s cube is when! Rubik’s is a slot machine game that runs on the Playtech network and aims to bring the once popular Rubik’s cube back into fashion.

The games graphic are bold and bright and has a big Rubik’s cube centered in the middle of the screen, full of animation. The music seems to be picked for the era the Rubik’s cube was invented and is a cool fast paced electronic track. The minimum bet per spin, or rather configuration is 10p, with the maximum stake per spin £10. There are no wilds, scatters or anything like that in Rubik’s Slots, just you and the cube.

Rubik’s Slot : Bonus and Features

Players trigger the bonus round when they manage to light all six letters at the top of the screen, the word is Rubik’s. Once achieved, players have to select individual cubes from the Rubik’s cube which will revel their prize. Prizes include free spins or extra cubes, players keep picking cubes until they peel a sticker which says ‘start’ and the bonus round begins.

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Players can get as many as nine cubes during the bonus round which gives them 9 ways to win more cash. The cubes will spin depending on how many free spins were won. During this bonus, if a player manages to relight the Rubik’s word, they will win more cubes and free spins.

Rubik’s Slots has a ‘turbo mode’ that reduces the amount of animation during play and provides players with faster results on their spin.

Our Thoughts

Our initial impressions were of confusion, but after a few spins we got a hang of the game and really enjoyed it. Rubik’s Slots is a bit off the wall but ideal for anyone who wants to spice things up and go for a change of pace. Rubik’s Slots can be found at several casinos including Betfair, Paddy Power and William Hill. For more fantastic slot machine games, check out our homepage.


What is the maximum jackpot of Rubik’s?

Rubik’s has a maximum jackpot of 50,000 coins.

What are the special features of Rubik’s?                                         

Rubik’s offers no traditional slot game elements such as wilds and multipliers. But the one special and unique feature is that the game is played across a Rubik’s Cube.

What is the payout % of Rubik’s?

The payout % of Rubik’s is 94.5%.

How many paylines and reels does Rubik’s have?

Rubik’s has no reels and paylines as the game is played on Rubik’s Cube. Players will play across a 3 by 3 squares format on 3 sides of the cube at the same time.

At which casinos can I play Rubik’s?

Rubik’s is a Playtech slot that is available at Betfair, Paddy Power and William Hill.