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Movie themed slots have become very popular over the past few years, with Top Gun becoming the latest hit to grace the slot world. Unfortunately, no cheesy quotes make an appearance, but this slot machine does offer a lot more in terms of entertainment and excitability. This action themed slot boasts a respected 10,000 jackpot, which can be taken spinning 5 fighter jets across the five reels and on anyone of the 20 win lines. New movie themed slot releases have a very good reputation for being very extravagant and exciting, something that Top Gun relishes upon. A detailed fighter jet cockpit that harbours the reels as well as stake increment and auto spin functions, all in a cool, sophisticated design. Play Top Gun slot at Party Casino.

Top Gun Slot uses the typical fighter jet props as symbols with helmets, planes, radars and holding ships making an appearance. Alongside this the characters 9-A are designated to each symbol, appealing to both sides of the playing spectrum. You really get a feel of originality with this slot especially with the clear graphics used throughout. This is exemplified with the nifty animation and vivid imagery used both on the reels and in the bonus game.


Top Gun Bonus Feature

Top Gun delivers the customary features throughout the game play, including an admirable bonus game. Scatter symbols are represented as the F-14 Jet’s, which after displaying a glamorous display will reward players with a healthy payout. Other features include a fighter jet flying across the reels randomly to trigger free spins and Top Gun logo’s used as wild symbols. As well as this, spinning three or more F-14’s will trigger Top Gun’s party piece. This slot’s bonus has been tailored exactly for this game, with clips from the movie making a guest appearance. Players take the position of a fighter jet pilot for the bonus game, shooting enemies for cash prizes and picking up bonuses on the way. The mission style environment is very exciting, in addition to the interaction, this is a combination that is always welcome too players of all experience. Although, this is very fast paced and events can be happening too fast for some players.

The reels and bonus round found that Top Gun boasts are of excellent quality and can quickly capture the imagination of slot and movie fans equally. With sounds and scenes from the movie used throughout, originality and quality are words that first come to mind.


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The Top Gun slot is currently exclusive to Party Casino. Play Top Gun slot at Party Casino.