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Viking Runecraft is a new slot from Play’n GO introduced in 2017. This uniquely beautiful slot instantly transports the player into the Scandinavian culture and mythology. The graphics are stunning and display a gorgeous, yet dark landscape, with mountains and clouds which create a very mysterious atmosphere. With plenty of sound effects and impressive animations, Viking Runecraft quickly draws the player in to discover its many features and bonuses.

Viking Runecraft

This slot is not like any others, having a cascading 7×7 grid (7 reels and 7 rows), no payline, and 10,000 levels. However, the complex gameplay is not something to fear as it only adds to the challenge and makes the experience an even more entertaining one than usual. The symbols are cascading and each level brings with it a different Nordic god, from Thor, Odin, to Heimdall, and Freya. The high value symbols are in the shape of an axe, a hammer, a necklace, and a helmet, while the low value ones are stones with different letters engraved on them, all the symbols clearly reflecting the Viking theme. The wild symbols are the Norse gods – God of Thunder, Wisdom, Beauty and Guarding – that come with a gift which is randomly triggered during the game.

The bets start as low as 0.01p and go up to £100, while the coin size varies from 0.01 to 0.1. All the wins are collected in the meter of deconstruction situated on the left of the screen, which stops the grid from cascading when is filled up – after 20 winning patterns. This activates one of the following features: Fury of Fenrir,  Judgement of Jormungandr, Scorching of Surtr, or Lure of Loki.

Fury of Fenrir is a feature which takes 4 diagonal lines from which 2 get removed and the other 2 are changed into the same symbol.

Judgement of Jormungandr occurs when a large number of symbols from a chain get destroyed and the others get turned into the same symbol.

Scorching of Surtr happens when 3 symbols on the grid are selected and set on fire, the fire spreading to the other surrounding symbols. The ones that remain are all transformed into the same one.

Lure of Loki is a feature that gets activated when two different symbols are selected, following with the destruction of one group and the transformation in the same symbol of the other.

When the metre is double charged, another incredible feature is triggered. This is called the Ragnarök feature and it gives the gambler a free round after a win on 40 symbols, which ends when there are no more wins.

These overwhelming bonuses and features can be experienced on both desktop and mobile devices. The game is probably one of the best that can be played on the go on your mobile device, without loosing the beautiful graphics and animations that it has to offer.

In conclusion, Viking Runecraft is a slot which requires a bit of commitment from its players, but makes sure to reward them for it in the best possible ways. It is a complex, fun, and impressive game which will for sure entertain and bring joy to anyone who is brave enough to fight the Nordic gods.