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Wheel of Fortune is a popular TV show that has been transformed into a 5 reel slot machine. The online slot version of Wheel of Fortune features a bonus round where you get to spin the wheel to gamble for big prizes, but remember you need to avoid the bankrupt zone as you’ll lose all your winnings!

The Wheel of Fortune bonus round is activated by matching 3 wheel symbols on any of the paylines. The bonus jackpot accumulators offered on Wheel of Fortune can only be won during the bonus round, so this really is where you earn the big money which adds to the excitement.

After the first spin of the wheel during the bonus round, you are offered the opportunity to gamble your winnings. If you decide to do so you should be aware that subsequent spins are harder to win because 4 of the slices on the wheel are replaced with the dreaded bankrupt symbol, which if you land on will instantly wipe out all your winnings!

Wheel of Fortune is one of the most generous slots around, as if you do land on the bankrupt symbol you are offered a consolation spin of the wheel where you have a 50% chance to retain previous winnings on the “Double or Nothing Wheel”. We really like the Wheel of Fortune slot game and recommend trying it at one of the online casinos below.


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