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Cops and Robbers

Cops n Robbers Fruit Machine

Cops and Robbers is one of the most famous fruit machines and is now available to play online at selected UK casinos. During the 1990′s, Cops and Robbers fruit machine was in almost every pub and club. Playing the Cops and Robbers fruit machine online still involves escaping from the Police, and earning bonus rewards the longer you avoid capture. We recommend playing Cops N Robbers at either Betfair Arcade. or Sky Vegas

Cops N Robbers Slot Information

The online version of the Cops and Robbers pub fruity slot is a 3 reel, interactive bonus feature slot packed with the usual skill features you’d expect from a fruit machine. Cops and Robbers fruit machine is powered by Microgaming who have created over 20 pub fruity’s.

Cops N Robbers Bonus Round

Arguably the best part of the Cops and Robbers fruit machine is the bonus round feature. Based on the original board feature from the 90′s pub fruity, the board feature involves avoiding capture by the Police. The longer you avoid capture the more features and prizes you earn. The bonus round is triggered by matching 3 swag symbols anywhere on the reels.

As with any UK style fruit machine, Cops & Robbers is packed with skill features to give players greater winning opportunities. The “Ello, Ello, Ello” bonus is a pick-a-win feature where players pick a chpoice of winning symbols. Other skill features on Cops & Robbers are Costa Del Cash and Doing Time.

Play Cops N Robbers Slot Online

The Cops & Robbers slot is one of our favourite online fruit machines, and microgaming have done a great job in transforming this original pub fruity. It’s a fun and entertaining fruit machine that players can play for free before trying the real play mode at either of our recommended casinos: Ladbrokes Casino and 32 Red.

32 Red 32 Red Online Casinohas over 20 UK style pub fruit machines including Cops & Robbers.

Spin Palace Spin Palace CasinoPlay the Cops & Robbers online fruit machine at Spin Palace!


Chavin It Large

Chavin It Large Fruit Machine

As the name suggest this online fruit machine is based around gold chain and Burberry wearing troublemakers that hang out in any town centre causing a nuisance. As a result Britain’s obsession with the “Chav” culture has given birth to this brilliant Microgaming slot, boasting all of the best features from this superior developer. Hosting a respectable top prize of 250x your stake size, Chavin it Large has a host of bonus rounds, mystery rounds and top cash prizes. The reels on the 3 reel single win line slot are aptly labelled with trainers, baseball caps and trainers to make this one of the most entertaining and hilarious pub fruit machines around. Microgaming has gone to great lengths to ensure the slot is 100% Chavtastic, even down to the tongue in cheek sound effects. The UK styling runs right throughout this game, utiltising a single pay-line game and a really neat feature board – this is where is the big money is won!

Chavin it Large Fruit Machine Information

As you’d expect from a fruit machine of this calibre there are a series of gameplay enhancers, including nudges and holds. For seasoned big slot players who aren’t used to this don’t worry, here you can bring the next symbol down on the reel to reveal a winning line. Holding the current symbol is also possible here and allows players to freeze the entire reel and spin the remaining for an extra chance at a winning line! The feature bonus round is triggered by spinning three white trainer symbols on the win line. Alongside this players can also rack up smaller wins with a series of matching symbols, just to keep the bankroll ticking over until they reach this real money spinner of a round. “Chavistocracy” is the name, and is an extremely rare, yet lucrative and powerful feature, especially as it can multiply wins by up to 250. A flashing display will let you skill select a bonus which can then be repeated with a little luck. The UK style feature is just as good what you would expect from a big Vegas style game, offering players spin after spin of cash prizes. The bonus feature involves randomly stopping a win multiplier on the bonus trial, which gives players the opportunity to win up to 250x their stake.

The biggest win apart from what you can steal from the bonus round is 100x your stake, and with stakes ranging from 10p to £10 it makes the maximum pay out on Chavin’ it Large a cool £1000!

Play Chavin It Large at the following online casinos

32 Red 32 Red Online CasinoFeaturing 12 uk style pub fruit machines including chavin it large.

Spin Palace Spin Palace CasinoUse your £100 welcome bonus to play chavin it large at Spin Palace.


Cash N Curry

Cash N Curry Fruit Machine

Slot machines don’t come much hotter than Cash N Curry from Microgaming. Based on all things curry this Microgaming classic has become a real fan favourite amongst UK players due to its great gameplay and lucrative bonuses. The slot hosts a brilliant feature too, harbouring one of the biggest feature boards we have ever seen. Played as 3 reel single pay line pub slot, Cash N Curry is offered exclusively at Microgaming casinos, including the likes of Ladbrokes, 32 Red and All Slots casinos amongst others

Cash N Curry Fruit Machine Information

As the name would suggest, Cash N Curry is themed around an Indian restaurant, the spicier the cuisine the bigger the prize, simple!  As you’d expect from a fruit machine, Cash N Curry has a number of standard gameplay features including nudges, holds and gamble features. For seasoned big slot players you have to be aware of the great nudge features, here you can bring the next symbol down on the reel to reveal a winning line. Holding the current symbol is also possible here and allows players to freeze the entire reel and spin the remaining for an extra chance at a winning line! Another UK style trait that has been brought into this slot is a great trial system, which is another way to access the feature board. In this slot players must match three curry dishes on a 3×3 matrix to gain access to this lucrative minefield!

The feature board harbours a whole host of brilliant cash prizes in addition to a bunch of mystery prizes, these include; Reel Roulette, Win Series, Pick a Win, Money Belt and Golden Belt – each giving players the chance to bag some serious cash. A money belt style feature is also part of the bonus’ here with flashing winning amounts move across the screen and you have to stop the screen when the  biggest combination of wins appear, a true skill game. When making your way around the lucrative board players must look out for the various curry dishes along the way, these will deplete the pint glass by one each time and when its empty its game over unfortunately. The curry-go-round jackpot on Cash N Curry offers the jackpot which is up to 500x your stake to a maximum £10,000! This jackpot combined with the exciting pub style board feature makes this one of the most popular online fruit machines around.


Play Cash N Curry at the following online casinos:

32 Red 32 Red Online CasinoFeaturing 12 uk style pub fruit machines including Cash N Curry.

Spin Palace Spin Palace CasinoCash N Curry is just one of twelve UK pub style fruit machines available at Spin Palace.


Bar X

Bar-x Slot Machine

Bar X fruit machine is an old school slot machine that you will no doubt have played on a visit to the seaside! The 3 reel single win line slot only has 3 symbols on the reels, Bar (jackpot), X, and O. Bar X is definitely the easiest slot machines around yet still amazing fun. To keep fruit machine fans happy this version of Bar-X is identical to the original arcade version, complete with nudges and holds to offer extra winning opportunities.

Bar-X Slot Machine Online

The Bar-X slot has all the original bells and whistles that made it such a popular game all those years ago. Bar-X’s simplicity is what makes it such an iconic slot machine; 3 reels and one win line; it’s a simple as that. To be fair, the machine backdrop has been made a lot more glamorous with bright stars surrounding the 3 reels, giving the impression of them being the main attraction. Apart from this the typical Vegas-style design is used throughout, just to keep the excitement factor within this machine. A great design aspect that is easily noticed was the 3-D buttons placed as they would if the machine were real. This gives a much more personal feel to a very virtual slot, which can make a lot of difference to those old school players.

Gaining a payout couldn’t be simpler as players must match 3 symbols on the win line either through straight up spins, holds or nudges. A feature that this machine has is the use of auto-nudge and auto-hold. This is used whenever nudges or holds are awarded, were the machine will automatically use them to give the player the best chance of winning. This takes away some of the realism of playing the slot, although when nudges are awarded it can become difficult to guess what is above the top reel as this is not shown. Auto-bet can be activated on this machine, allowing anything up to 50 automated spins, coupled with the programmed nudges and holds you can sit back enjoy the Bar-X extravaganza.

Whilst being a retro slot, Bar-X is currently only available to play at a select few modern online casino and slots sites. We recommend playing at either Betfair Arcade. or Sky Vegas. Both of these Casinos offer an excellent range of fruit machines and slots, including big-name titles such as Cops N RobbersRainbow Riches and Captain Jackpots.

It is such an easy slot to play and always will be no matter how much the face changes over the years. This machine still has the character of a true classic!

Play Bar-X at the following online casinos:

Sky Vegas Sky Vegas CasinoSky Vegas is one of the best online casino sites for fruit machines including Bar X.

Spin Palace Spin Palace CasinoBar X is just one of twelve UK pub style fruit machines available at Spin Palace.


Apocalypse Cow

Apocalyse Cow Themed Slot

Possibly the strangest themed slot we have ever played Apocalypse Cow is probably even more odd than you will believe. Based on militant cows, the slot is a true favourite amongst players as it offers a hilarious theme with brilliant gameplay to match.  Apocalypse Cow is a UK style 3-reel fruity with a single payline, something that UK players will be used to. This Microgaming creation has some of the best features out there and the brilliant feature board is something out of the top draw. The top and second jackpots of 500x and 80x respectively, the slot doesn’t boast a huge single pay out, though players should look forward to plenty of smaller wins through the feature board on this fantastic fruit machine. Play now at Spin Palace.

Apocalypse Cow Fruit Machine Features

The bonus round on Apocalypse Cow offers a generous jackpot of 500x your stake and is activated by matching three T-bone symbols on the win line. The board feature offers an array of money spinning spaces that you travel around collecting bonuses and features. You can collect these at any time, or gamble for more, but take note that you must be frugal when trekking around the board as you could just as easily lose everything in a single spin. A neat little bonus that players should look out for is the extra life feature, which gives them an extra chance when climbing to the top for the big one! Mystery bonuses are rife also with classics such as reel roulette, pick a win and win series all giving great returns.

As you’d expect from a fruit machine Apocalypse Cow is packed with nudges, holds and special features. The series of nudge features is brilliant and give players every chance a hitting those T-Bones on all three reels. We particularly like the “Shifta Feature” which is a random bonus that spins the reels to an automatic win. Just playing this slot for a few minutes will prove just how easy it is to advance to the feature, giving players plenty of chances to cash in. If you like this type of game there are other fruit machines with similar bonus round features that may be of interest include Rainbow Riches and Cops N Robbers.

Play Apocalypse Cow at the following Online Casinos:

32 Red 32 Red Online CasinoFeaturing 12 uk style pub fruit machines including Apocalypse Cow.

Spin Palace Spin Palace CasinoApocalypse Cow is just one of twelve UK pub style fruit machines available at Spin Palace.



Abra-Kebab-Ra Pub Fruit Machine

The rise in popularity of UK style pub fruit machines has allowed better games to be developed that both offer authentic features and higher payout rates. Abra-Kebab-Ra is the latest addition to be added to Ladbrokes infamous slot range, boasting a very popular reputation for some of the best fruit machine games available. Consisting of all things Indian cuisine related, Abra-Kebab-Ra is a great themed slot that boasts a top prize of 1000x, in addition to a whole host of mystery prizes to keep you happy! Play now at 32 Red.

Abra-Kebab-Ra Fruit Machine Information

Accessing the infamous feature board couldn’t be simpler – match three “golden lamps” anywhere in view across the three reels. The great thing about this slot is that there is the opportunity to hold or nudge the reel, making it a lot easier to get on to the money train. Again, the slot doesn’t conform to traditional UK pub fruit traits and boasts a really interactive Hi-Lo feature board. Players are met with three trails to climb – nudges, cash prizes or a mystery bonus alongside a whole host of neat cuisine memorabilia. To climb the respective trail players must correctly choose the next number (high or low) to advance further, with a wrong decision ending the feature board. Extra lives, Multi-Adds and No Lose bonuses can all be collected along the way, making the climb up the trail that much more exciting. The game can also be played for free so you can get to know how it works before playing for real.

The gameplay is very fast indeed, making it a perfect slot for experienced players, but aside from that it could be simpler. The neat sound effects add to the entertainment factor for sure and the whole theme ties in perfectly with the design. The reels on Abra-Kebab-Ra are the favourite ingredients of a kebab – perfect for any fruit machine fan as it’s the customary meal following a trip to the pub! Players who aren’t used to this type of slot should be aware of the great nudge feature in which you can bring the next symbol down on the reel to reveal a winning line. These include a whole host of traits including: “Nudge Now”, “Nudge Gamble”, “Nudge Repeat” and “Nudge Bank” giving you more ways to win!

If you like fruit machines with bonus features like this, then we recommend you check out our reviews of Cops N Robbers and Reel King fruit machine.

Play Abra-Kebab-Ra at the following online casinos:

32 Red 32 Red Online CasinoFeaturing 12 uk style pub fruit machines including Abra-Kebab-Ra.

Spin Palace Spin Palace CasinoAbra-Kebab-Ra is just one of twelve UK pub style fruit machines available at Spin Palace.